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FreeGEM and GEM4tH  

GEM4tH is compiler I  use to build FreeGEM applications.

This zip files contains the binary and sources for FreeGEM system, GEM4tH, some applications

that I've ported (e.g. bwbasic, etc.).   The simple install program for FreeGEM now also works in Dosbox as well as  FreeDOS.  Reworked to include a simpler (cleaner) version of GEM4tH.  Need to add more documentation.   Right click and "save clink as..."  (updated 12/19/2014)


This is an example of modifying 4tH to do your 'own thing'.  In this case, graphical and keyboard routines using the GRX library were added.  Complete binary and sources for Linux, FreeDOS, and Windows  are included.   Right click and "save line as..." (updated 3/10/2015)

The original:

Get Hans Bezemer's 4tH  to see the "real thing" and try 4tH out on your favorite platform.

Other stuff: FigForth from way back.


Note:  These are simple (personal hobby) projects for "fun" only.  D. Johnson  (


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